I believe that Art is not just crafted from the artist’s hands, but from their heart, feelings, and imagination. Who are we to say that one form of expressing art is better than another? All art is unique and valuable in its own way.
   The main goal of my art is to create feelings and sensations. I’m depicting feeling of the sea, light, and snow. The feeling of being in a world with vast expanses of turquoise and blue water or the feeling of silence, calmness and contemplation...
Color, texture, fluidity, shimmer are the tools with which I try to express the beauty of the world, to bring its harmony into the interior.
My artworks are not paintings that hang in a gallery, where you go from one to another, trying to guess what the artist had in mind. I want my art to become the place where your eyes will stop, and your thoughts will run away into the distance, into thoughtlessness and timelessness, as they run away when you look out the window at the snow or the sea ...


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  • Overland Park, KS, USA

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